Dr Gerassimos Lascaratos, is an incredibly polite, calm and pleasant doctor to speak to and deal with. He takes time to understand your concerns and no question is too much (or silly). He provided me with a series of options, taking me through the pros and cons of each and even called me the day after my initial consultation with some additional thoughts. I would go as far as to say, he is by far the most personable and professional consultant I have ever come across. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to/ is considering seeing an ophthalmologist. He also has a fantastic PA/partner to help run the practice who will make you feel at ease and taken care of from the moment you pick up the phone!
iWantGreatCare review
Mr Lascaratos has been looking after me since early this year as I required a pressure reducing operation - following Glaucoma in my left eye. Each time I have met and seen Mr Lascaratos he has treated me with dignity, respect and reassuringly. I have always felt confident and admire his ability to administer his best practice not just to me but also to other patients I have met waiting to be seen in the clinic, even when walking through an OPD clinic corridor and will always smile and say hello and looks very calm. I have received timely information about my ongoing care and the treatment which is explained well to me and have always felt involved when making decisions regarding my treatment in moving forward at each visit. Mr Lascaratos, is genuinely welcoming and interested in helping and answers all my questions and concerns professionally and in a concise manner, which makes me feel more confident and stress free. An excellent example to the NHS.
iWantGreatCare review
I was impressed with the quality of care I received from Mr Lascaratos, who was always very thorough and polite. Mr Lascaratos is an experienced ophthalmologist and skilled surgeon. Sympathetic and sensitive, he takes time with patients to discuss their condition and I felt reassured at all times. I would highly recommend him.
iWantGreatCare review
I met Mr Lascaratos when I went to Kings Hospital for cataract review and possible surgery. He examined me thoroughly and recommended I should have surgery since my eye was becoming bad. He did the surgery himself alongside other aids. Believe me he was very professional and my sight is now very good. I would recommend Mr Lascaratos to anyone who wants a thorough examination and perfect handling of ones problems.
iWantGreatCare review
Thank you so much for setting the ball rolling with my laser and following up to make sure I have my sight back. Thank you once more for being so kind caring and professional.
Mrs C.A.
I am writing to thank you most sincerely for the excellent care you gave me on the day of State opening of Parliament. You were very thorough with your history, examination and investigation. You took a great deal of time to explain everything to me and start treatment. As you predicted, in 48hrs my eye was improving and was completely better at one week. If only all doctors were as kind, gentle and competently caring as you, we would have fewer problems in medicine.
Baroness F.
Mr Lascaratos not only communicates clearly but adjusts his level of communication depending on the receiver and matches their knowledge level. He also doesn't forget that patients, whilst stressed, can still require simple and clear reassurance. I have a broad experience with healthcare Consultants having worked clinically as an ODP and Resuscitation Officer and later as a senior manager in the NHS working closely with surgeons, anesthetists, medics etc and over the last number of years pathologists. It has become apparent that often communication skills and empathy are traded for skill level and we forgive the former if the latter is present. It is a rare thing to find that you have both in an individual. Mr Lascaratos is one of those rare likeable experts.
Mr C.G.
Dr Lascaratos fame has spread
But he has not let it go to his head
He is perfectly charming
With a manner disarming
With a comforting manner by your bed

Most patients they are at a loss
Until they meet Dr Lascaratos
He is so talented and wise
He repairs their eyes
Makes them clear by removing the dross.
Mr I.J.
Thank you so much for your superb attention to my eye problem. I have been so blessed to have you attending to me. I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. I hope you and your family are really able to enjoy some true time together.
Mr G.P.
Many beautiful things cannot be seen or touched. They are felt within the heart. Thank you for your help from the bottom of my heart! You are my Hero Doctor. Please keep up your good work. Reward is from God. I really appreciate you.
Mrs E.P.
I just wanted to say thank you for your expertise in doing my cataract operation. You have given me my life back to be able to see so well again.
Mrs B.R.
When I needed to consult with Mr Lascaratos I was literally in darkness and full of trepidation, but his very passionate and professional PA and his team soon had me relaxed and they could not have done more for me. Mr Lascaratos was reassuring, supportive and fully informative regarding the treatment which was required and the future procedures involved. Now after having had very successful surgery to both eyes I have no doubt that I was under the care of a genius.. I would highly recommend Mr Lascaratos to anyone that requires eye treatment or consultation.
iWantGreatCare review